Clip-On Sessions!

We are now offering reduced-price Clip-on sessions to clients when purchasing class-packs. Clip-on sessions are an opportunity to come and use the studio apparatus without tuition, as a supplement to semi-private or private sessions!

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Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic therapy sessions are now available at the studio with Madeleine Backlund

This form of exercise therapy helps to balance the neuromuscular system. Somatic Movement Therapy also helps to decrease muscular tension, improves the posture, restores full movement to all the body parts, and increases sensory awareness. It helps the mind to become in tune with the body. In this manner it helps to heal the body of movement related injuries and leads to a healthier life.

Somatic Movement Therapy also promotes flexibility and is helpful in alleviating pain in the limbs and joints. It is extremely beneficial for the elderly and for people suffering from strains and sprains. This form of therapy can be carried out safely in the confines of your home or office and does not require the use of any expensive equipment. It is a proactive form of therapy that empowers the patient by teaching him or her how to use the body in an optimum manner that will ensure good health.

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Backlund Pilates
Apparatus Teacher Training

Backlund Pilates is proud to offer a comprehensive Pilates Apparatus Teacher Certification Program that provides the careful, individual attention and the utmost professional support that ensures you receive the best hands-on training in Pilates.

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Special Offer for New Clients

This offer includes an intial assessment session plus two discounted semi-private Pilates sessions for £140 (available to first-time new clients only)

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Pilates for Injury-Rehabilitation

Do you have strength or flexibility limitations, chronic discomfort or pain? Whether the result of injury, unhealthy posture or movement patterns, a well design Pilates programme can help.

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Discount Pilates for Local Teenagers

We offer discount Pilates sessions for local teenagers, ages 14-18 years. Proof of local residence required and a committment to regular attendance.

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Welcome to Backlund Pilates

Pilates Studio in Fulham, West London

Backlund Pilates is a Fulham-based Pilates studio located on Dawes Road. The studio is an intimate setting and we specialize in small studio classes, personal one-on-one Pilates sessions, private Pilates sessions, injury rehabilitation and Pilates matwork classes. We teach the full Pilates repertoire, including both mat-work and equipment-work.

We are a private and fully-equipped studio, with 2 Reformers, 2 Cadillacs, 1 Wundachair, 2 Barrels, 2 Boxes, physioballs, bands and weights. The studio is bright, modern and airy, and although small, it is comfortable and spacious enough for 4 clients at any one time.

Backlund Pilates studio serves the the area of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, as well as surrounding West London boroughs.

Our Approach to Teaching Pilates

We offer a hands-on approach to teaching, and all clients are taught on a one-to-one basis, where exercises are tailored to individual needs and abilities. We do also offer private sessions.

A main philosophy of the studio is that the client reaps the most benefits of Pilates when both mat work and equipment work are combined. Mat work sessions are sometimes offered to small groups of clients throughout the week during term time (see schedule for more details).

The teachers at the studio come from various corners of the world. Working together and sharing our wealth of knowledge, we feel that we in turn are able to offer this to our clients, uniting our various different approaches to Pilates, while remaining true to the method and its basic principles. Click here for more information about our teachers.

Private Pilates Sessions

Madeleine Backlund, owner and founder of Backlund Pilates is an advanced Pilates instructor with over 20 years teaching experience in London. Her expertise is in remedial Pilates and she work closely with some of the most renowned Osteopaths and Physiotherapists in London. Private sessions in your home or at the Fulham studios are perfect for clients who prefer to work-out in a more private environment, or who need to schedule their sessions to a stricter time schedule. Please email Madeleine Backlund with questions or to schedule an appointment, as these sessions are available with advance booking only


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